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103 years - 103 EUR

A warm welcome to you, our dear supporter


As founders and teachers of the Free Waldorf Secondary School in Budapest, Hungary, we have set as our goal to escort our students on the journey to become socially responsible adults who can think and act freely.

In order to accomplish our goals, we are now in need of your support.

The secondary school has been growing since its foundation, we currently have 139 kids in 5 classes. In the first two years of our existence, we shared a school building with our founding school, Csillagösvény Waldorf Iskola (Starpath Waldorf Elementary School). This year, we have decided to move to a separate building due to the great number of students and the restrictions caused by COVID-19.


Until we find our permanent place, we are residing in a temporary container building which we consider as an asset. Today’s harder economic environment has imposed a larger burden on the families in our community and on the budgets of our institutions.

We are therefore turning to our supporters to strengthen our financial status.

We are looking for 500 supporters who will each donate EUR 103 to help us make the financing of the school building more stable and predictable.

We would like to honor the 103-year-old Waldorf movement at the same time.

We are awaiting your donation at the GoGetFunding.com website where you can donate safely with the help of your credit card. You can also follow the current status of the donations there.

Both the kids and we are truly grateful!
Thank you!

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