Welcome to the website of Free Waldorf Grammar School starting in September 2018!

Where will it be?   |   In the southern region of Buda (Districts XI., XII. and their conurbation)

What kind of grammar school will it be?   |   Waldorf Grammar School (School Years 9-13., 5 years)

Who will support it?   |   The Foundation for the Free Waldorf Grammar School founded by the Waldorf elementary schools of the region

When will it start?   |   Year 9 will start in September, 2018. Teachers’ work has begun in 2017 September

How will it grow?   |   In an ascending system, it will grow gradually in 5 years


The founders of the school have been working on the establishment of a new, independent secondary school in the southern region of Buda for pupils of Waldorf schools since the beginning of 2016.

Our mission is to lead children through the Waldorf cycle, ideally from nursery school to secondary school graduation, to let our students become adults who find their way in the world and can live in harmony with themselves as well as with their immediate and wider environment. 

The two parent institutions of the Waldorf Grammar School are Csillagösvény Waldorf School (XI. District) and Kisgöncöl Waldorf School (Tök) at present but they are continuously  cooperating with other Waldorf schools in the region.  The parent institutions are contributing letters of intent to families and giving financial support for the birth of the new secondary school.


Artistic activities are of great importance in Waldorf secondary schools. The personalities of our students are unfolded through creative activities, their independence and social sensitivity are developed through cooperative projects.  Therefore, our curriculum, as other waldorf curriculum, places regular art and drama performances in their every day activities. Students bring a full-length play to stage at the end of their 12th grade as part of their annual work as well as preparing an individual annual work to close their studies.

The Waldorf curriculum is the most widespread reform education in Hungary as well as worldwide and it is accepted by the Hungarian state. Based on the waldorf elementary years, secondary school years are about the fulfillment of students’ abilities. On project weeks students carry out certain practices such as agricultural work, land survey, social work, industrial practice suitable for their age.

The more focused preparation for the state exam and collage entry exams begins in 13th grade. In order to take the exams at a higher level, students can chose their appropriate subjects that they can concentrate on from 11th grade.

According to national surveys, Waldorf students achieve better results on the state exams than other students nationwide, therefore, they have a greater chance to get accepted to universities.


In the spirit of our school, we rely on anthroposophy which includes a classical Christian value system, and is well-blended with a trustful teacher-student relationship. Parent-teacher cooperation has always been closely related, without this, efficient education is scarcely possible.

The formation of the volitional, emotional and intellectual life of our students through artistic activities and exercises will help to reach out to the world to find the balance of freedom and responsibility, shaping his/her intellectual development with a healthy critical mind, and to realise  that he/she has a duty in the world.

The purpose of our school is to raise our students to become adults who are sensitive to the issues of the world and our society, seek and find solutions and participate in solving them actively.

Waldorf-education represents competency-based pedagogy, recognizes the technical challenges of our age and teaches its students how to make use of technology in a conscious and understanding way. Instead of the digital load of information and visual solutions of our environment, we prefer personal, real interactions and the possibility of deep empathy. We want a school where students can see through the technical world that is becoming more and more alienated and could possible turn to new, different techniques.

Within the framework of Waldorf pedagogy, we strive to achieve that future generations are more and more able to place technical development alongside moral development. We intend to replace egoism with the culture of responsibility towards each other.


The quality of a grammar school is principally determined by its teachers. Teachers community was forming long before the launch of the first school year, their selection is a careful process.

The essential task of the teachers will be to examine the academic knowledge and methodology determining the content of teaching from an anthroposophical point of view so that they will be able to give their students standpoints in this respect, as well.

We regard it important that the member of the Teachers’ Board shall turn towards the human and world view of anthroposophy with a searching attitude and have a Waldorf diploma, too.

In order to keep the whole Waldorf cycle, the grammar school will stay in close contact with its parent schools to be able to harmonize the work in the institutions in a suitable way. To insure the quality of teaching and education, we have determined the maximum number of classes in a school year as two classes per year (2 x 30 students).


Being a foundation-based institution, we have special emphasis on cooperation with our supporters. If you agree with our goals, you can help our goals in several ways:

  • The secure financial background is the key factor of our operation; therefore, your financial support is of great importance at the start and later on, too. The donation of your company is a reduction factor of your tax base.


Our bank account number:  Magnet Bank Zrt., 16200151-18536869-00000000

The acquisition of our assets (school furniture, tools, office furniture, electrical appliances, etc.) can be substituted by used assets in good condition. Please contact us if you consider making such offers.


In our short description, our intention was to give you as much information as we could for the first impression, however, we are convinced that to get acquainted personal contact is needed. Next open school forum HERE!

Or if you like’d to meet us, please call us on  +36 30 5787110 or write to info@szwg.hu.